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Can We Vote Samantha Harris Off "Dancing With The Stars"?


Who is the moron responsible for hiring Samantha Harris? She is rude and offensive to everyone she is interviewing.

The poor guy that got kicked off tonight said that his score in the group dance (which he had to wear a tight leotard) got him kicked off- implying no one wanted to see him in that. Samantha Harris quickly says back to him in her man voice “sure, blame it on the other people”…poor guy not only got booted tonight, took a stab at himself for comedy’s sake, then gets ragged on by rude Samantha Harris.

She does this every time she interviews someone in that back room before they get their scores. Last season you could tel Cloris Leachman was getting annoyed with all her rude comments.

My advice to the producers is to send her to etiquette school or kick her to the curb! It is pretty sad if she is not aware that she is doing it and if that is the case they need to give her a second chance.

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