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Things That I Love- Disneyland

I almost decided not to post this because it seems a little redundant at this point. However, I have to pay homage to my home-away-from-home: Disneyland!

Reasons I love Disneyland:

1. It is the happiest place on earth

2. I got cast as Snow White, Aurora, and Belle face characters at Disneyland (so they don’t think I’m ugly!)- ask me about the audition (the guy totally predicted my pregnancy with AT!)- I am pretty bummed out and still slightly bitter that I am not currently working there for minimum wage around a bunch of germy kids.

3.  The Lost Bar

4. Bengal BBQ

5. Club 33

6. The Baby Center!

7. Where else can you take a ride in a horse-drawn anything and never see poop- EVER?

8. Basically every magical ride is worth mentioning, but I’ll just cover all my basis with #8

9. Disney Dream Suite

10. Grand Californian Hotel- NAPA ROSE

And that is just the tip of the iceberg, my friend.


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