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Race Face

Ah race, the importance of this biologically nonexistent, but socially very real noun, will annoy me for the rest of my life.

So, here is my rant. Forgive my grammatical insensitivity. This is my blog and I’m too lazy to follow the rules…..

I think it is important to acknowledge the injustice and prejudice people have experienced in this country. Even though race does not exist people still were murdered because of it. People tortured and killed other people for something that doesn’t exist. Does anyone else see the problem?

I have a hard time disregarding race, because so many people lost their lives trying to fight for their freedom. At the same time, I don’t think we can be free until we stop our ignorance to what is truth and what is myth.

Being Armenian and having the majority of my great-great family members murdered in an ethnic cleansing, helps me realize the understanding behind racism… is trying to divide humankind in a very negative way. The dictionary backs me up on this:
race –
each of the major divisions of humankind

I think it might be human nature to what to categorize everything, but the truth is that we just don’t need to with this.

Biologically, race does not exist. Everyone keeps hearing that, but it is true. Relative chimpanzees are more genetically variable than any two humans on the planet (the common fruit fly is extremely more variable than that!)….. Clearly, we can see a lot of differences in ourselves than two relative chimps, but that has nothing to do with “race.”

I remember watching this video in my first Anthropology class. It is a great description of what our differences  really mean:

I’ve heard a lot of African American opponents of transracial adoption say that white families adopting black children is “racial genocide”- The ignorance in that statement aggravates me to no end.

With us we have a double whammy. We have to be conscious of the fact that Samuel is, indeed, an African American (in the truest sense of the word)…but he also was born 100% Ethiopian. It is very important to us to embrace Ethiopian culture not just for his sake, but for ours. So, any time you take away a child from their birth country you are in some way going to be killing what would have been. You are also creating something extremely important. The true future of this world.

If people are so determined to keep their races then they should curse down the Wright brothers and Howard Hughs.

Air Travel is making our world much more accessible and much less isolated. “The Island of the Redheads” isolation can’t exist in the world we live in today…..Because of this we are seeing proportionately less fair features on people. It is only common sense that if there is no isolation in this world our whole world will essentially become a big redheaded island……..We will all start having similar features, with all races in some sense dying out, with hopefully less diseases (because of such a wide range in the gene pool)…We may end up biologically stronger- and better looking!- Look at those royals, all those years of inbreeding didn’t help too much in the looks department.

4 responses to “Race Face

  1. Great post! But I have to add that I think the traditional Western diet is going to have a far more detrimental affect on our appearances than any royal inbreeding could:)

  2. Zoe

    Agree with you completely on this. The issue really bothers me for the same reasons. Race isn’t based on anything objectively true but prejudice and bigotry are very real, and so how does a person navigates this exactly? I don’t know. Sigh.

    I also agree with Brandis!

    • Jamie

      yeah, it is so sad. You can’t disregard it because of what people went through in the past…but there has to be a way to more forward.

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