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Confession Friday

I’m not modest…at all…

To prove it I give you exhibit A- Taking nude photos after giving birth to my first child. Why? Why the heck not? Sure, your body may not be in the best shape, but it just did the coolest thing it will ever do! I think that should be captured on film!


6 responses to “Confession Friday

  1. Whitney

    Love it! What a great idea! Grammy is very proud right now.

  2. Zoe

    I’m a weird combo of modest and immodest… I have no problem with nudity and the body — I almost worked as a nude model way back. But I also tend to be conscious of how I dress since I hate having body parts stared at or being treated as a sex object.

    • Jamie

      LOL just another reason I love you, Zoe! I was going to write more about this, but I thought it was too serious for Confession Friday.

      I wanted to work as a nude model for an art class, but I got too busy and never did it!

      I completely agree…I think nudity and sexuality are two separate things.
      I also don’t like the idea to dress to excite men, or be sexually explicit with anything in my life…but that is so different that seeing the human body as a whole. As a vessel for life, nutrients, beauty, and really as a temple that should be cared for.

      I don’t know why this country is so prude, yet so oversexualized.
      Mothers hide from their children when they are naked in the shower or doing something completely unsexual….while we have sexually explicit billboards covering our streets. No wonder societ is so screwed up. We must be completely confused starting at a young age!

  3. sophia ⋅

    as one bf mom to another…after 3 years of bf two children, do your breasts look better now or then? just curious since i’m headed down your path:)

    • Jamie

      lol they don’t really look much different. I’ll let you know when they’re completely weaned. I’ve noticed that people who do child-led weaning have a more gradual slow down of milk and so they basically look almost “like new” (lol) when they child has finished weaning. In moms that wean when the child is younger I’ve seen more “deflated balloon” look about them. This is totally my opinion…clearly, not a scientific observation….but it is what I’ve noticed! I’m sure it depends on how elastic your skin is. Did you get stretchmarks in pregnancy? That might be a good indicator.

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