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Clever Cleavage

Everyone meet Jenilee!

Another important personal story for everyone to hear!

1. Tell us about your personal breastfeeding experience with
your children:

I had difficulty nursing all of my children. I had a very low milk supply. With my first born she was losing weight so drastically they informed me that I needed to supplement or risk her having failure to thrive. Once I started supplementing she would NOT nurse. I tried pumping and giving it to her but even pumping an hour straight could only pump 1 ounce total from both breasts. I was devastated and cried for weeks about what a failure as a mom I felt. My second child I was determined to nurse. I had learned even more since my first and was eager to try again. I sought out lactation consultants and what not & still he lost weight as well, devestated I didn’t even try to nurse after that. Then came the baby (aka my 2yr old). I was dead set on nursing her. I had almost 4 months off work and would be with my newborn 24/7 I sought out lactation consultants and took about 24 supplements known to increase milk supply 4 times a day (yes that is roughly 100 pills a day just to try to nurse). I nursed her almost consistently and when I wasn’t nursing I was pumping. I bought a baby weight scale so I could measure how much she was getting. Usually I got 1/2 an ounce from an hour session of pumping. I was fully engorged one day (keep in mind I am very flat chested even being fully engorged I was still a small A cup) and managed to get a full ounce out of one side and half an ounce out of the other. I cried because that is the most I had ever gotten. I supplemented my youngest and still tried nursing. When she was 3 months old nothing more came out. I was all dried up.

2. What is your view of breastfeeding in public, and why?

They’re just boobs people get over it! Everyone has them and there is not a single person who doesn’t know what they look like. I wish people realized that, yet everyone gets
so worked up. It’s sad

3. What is your view of sustained breastfeeding, and why?

Honestly, I wish I could’ve nursed longer. I didn’t really understand nursing when I was younger, I always thought once they can ask for it they’re too old. Now after everything that has happened. I hold my 2 year old and wish I was still nursing her. Then when my 4 year old is sick and curled up in my lap I wish I could offer him that comfort.

4. What is your view of adoptive breastfeeding, and why?

Completely and utterly amazing! Being someone who couldn’t nurse it is completely unimaginable that someone who didn’t even HAVE a baby could possibly start nursing. It’s a miracle & if a woman can do it then by all means go for it! What a wonderful thing!

5.Is there anything you find unique about your breastfeeding
story with your children?

I think the only thing with it was how completely judgmental other moms were towards me. They would see me at the park giving my baby a bottle and give me dirty looks or tell me I never cared about my children enough to nurse them. Not only did I feel like a complete failure because my ‘equipment’ didn’t work right I had people rubbing it in my face. I can’t imagine going to someone who couldn’t have children and tell them that they wouldnt be a good parent & that is why they can’t have a child. Wet nurses & formula were invented for a reason.

6. Is there anything you wish you did different?

No. I know that I did everything I could and will always do everything I can to take care of my children. Their best interest is always my first priority

7. Is there anything you would like to add?

I would just like to give encouragement to moms who have tried nursing and it didn’t work out. Also, to the moms who decided to bottle feed & the moms who can nurse. I would just like to say that as long as you are doing what you can to keep your child healthy and happy then good job! Don’t ever let other people make you feel bad about the choices YOU make for YOUR family.

If you would like to be a featured “Clever Cleavage” mom, please e-mail me jamie(at)iamnotthebabysitter(dot)com



One response to “Clever Cleavage

  1. Hannah

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am a woman struggling with infertility and breastfeeding is one of the things that I miss/crave the most. We are now blessed with a beautiful infant foster daughter that I would desperately love to breastfeed, and I totally understand that judgement when I give her her bottle in public when my other fertile friends are whipping out their God-given equipment. I am just so thankful I get to love her, and am still praying about the rest.



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