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Dreadlocks Update Month 4


I couldn’t take it anymore.

Between the lint the locks were harboring, and the dirty looks I got from people who didn’t understand the process, I broke.

I also felt like the dreadlocks nazi when Samuel would play and do somersaults on the ground, and other games that would involve his head. He needs to be able to rough-house and not worry about his hair.

We will start up when he is a bit older and not so playful.

For now, we’re all having a great time finding out with his new long locks can do!


5 responses to “Dreadlocks Update Month 4

  1. Zoe

    He’s an awfully handsome kid!

  2. Ali

    I stumbled across your blog today! I have an adoptive son who is also named Samuel. My son is 16 months old, and I am already trying NOT to be so concerned about his hair. It’s amazing just how much and how many thing stick in there! Your little guy is adorable!

  3. Dakota

    How are we going to compare notes now? I am working on totally accepting the fact that A is camping right now and likely dumping a mountainside of dirt and debris in his still fragile locks that we can’t wash for at least another week or two – I also just try to not look too closely. No, actually, I totally understand your decision and LOVE the little man’s ‘fro.

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