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Confession Friday

Keep your children away from mine…

My kids know that I am Santa.

Yeah, it’s true. With Christmas around the corner I thought I should give everyone fair warning.

Brian and I decided when Aram was born that we weren’t going to let our kids think Santa is real.

Don’t get me wrong, we still participate in every Santa Clausial activity, but the boys know he is pretend, and Brian and I are responsible for the presents.  It is just as fun, though!

It is also important for us to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas…So, Santa needs to take the backseat in our house.


13 responses to “Confession Friday

  1. You know I’m on the same page with you. Scott doesn’t like it, and I don’t argue with the kids on it (Izzy knows he’s pretend, Oliver refuses to believe us…).

    Oh, and it’s Clausical:) Leave it to me to correct imaginary spelling mistakes!

    • Jamie

      LOL I thought I was making up a word. Clausical is a real word!? Wait never mind…you’re correcting my fake word! Never! I’m keeping it and all it’s improperness(which is also not a word!)

  2. I am the same way, and I have friends who get seriously mad at me every year because they are worried my kids will spoil the lie for them!

    • Jamie

      I think my sister was a little nervous about my kids spoiling it for hers…but then she realized my rationalization for not teaching the kids Santa is “real” made sense to her, too. We’re a lot alike, so I figured it would. She finally broke and the kids understand that Santa is not real, but he’s fun and she teaches them about the historical man that led the path for the Santa we all know today!

  3. Zoe

    We’ll be doing the same thing in our house!

    • Jamie

      Really?! Yay! I don’t feel as alone now.

      Did your parents do Santa? Mine did, they just did a horrible job of playing the part. My mom would stuff the stockings and put out the Santa presents in the morning after we woke up. The jig was up for me at 3 or 4, I wised up fast.

      Ironically, Brian and I make an awesome Santa. The kids just know it is us….still their stockings are stuffed in the dead of night. I even do my parents’ stockings then. And my mom still stuffs mine…in the morning, after I’ve woken up 😉

      • Zoe

        Yes, my parents did Santa, though I think I figured it out at a very young age as I don’t remember ever believing. Some of my siblings believed for a long time and I liked perpetuating it… Santa can be a lot of fun.

        However, for us, Christmas is not about Santa… and as much as I love giving and receiving gifts, I really don’t like the commercialization of the holiday and am trying to move away from that and make it a time for family, celebration, traditions, and the prince of peace coming into the world.

  4. Mrs. Hall

    someday, i know my kids will figure it out. and ON THAT DAY I WILL BE SO SAD. it’s almost like i want to tell them just to get it overwith.



  5. We did Santa when I was little and I always remember questioning it. I was in 3rd grade when I found out for sure but I wasn’t too upset. But, it does seem about then is when Christmas lost it’s “magic” and I always seem to get the holiday blues now. I wonder if that’s why? I thought about not doing Santa with my son but I don’t think my hubby would go for it. Maybe we’ll talk about it this year. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jamie

      Oh, same with me. I started to get the holiday blues when i was a teenager!
      I regained that same warm Christmas feeling when I realized that it was not the presents, but the traditions that were causing me to get so happy around that time of year. Like baking gingerbread houses, getting seasonal drinks at starbucks, caroling, decorating…Santa was just one of those things. When I started to make an effort in doing really festive activities leading up to Christmas, I started feeling like a kid again- sans Prozac! 😉

      Now that fun feeling starts in fall! Which is now! And I also get seasonal depression and this seems to keep it away. After New Years is when it starts popping up again :-/

      And of course Christmas means a lot more to me now than it did when I was little because I’m now a Christian….but Easter is an ever bigger deal for me than Christmas because of that.

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