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How To Avoid Getting Sick At Your Next Visit To The Doctor

Aram jumped off the bed and hurt his foot. To the point where he couldn’t put any pressure on it.

We gave him a night to recover (per Brian’s orthopedic surgeon brother’s orders) and when he woke up he still was acting like a lame duck.

Off we went to the doctor.

My OCD comes out the most at trips to the doctor. Did you know sick people go there? *shudder*

So here are my tips for staying safe when a visit is unavoidable.

1. Wear a mask and keep your kid in pajamas. Even the sick kid’s parents will be afraid to catch what your kid has, because as it appears to others, only really sickly children wear masks…

2. Wear a mask, too. Now it looks like your whole family has the plague. Aram and I had a thirty foot bubble around us, we were so disconcerting to look at.

3. If you want to get in to your room in a hurry, speak loudly about how that recent trip to the Congo would have been more successful if you believed in vaccinations. Use the word “Ebola”- In like Flynn

4. Don’t touch anything!

5. Sanitize often

6. When you get home take your bio-hazardous clothes and throw them in the wash

7. Then shower

8. And finally, eat oranges!

Those are my tips! Use them wisely!


6 responses to “How To Avoid Getting Sick At Your Next Visit To The Doctor

  1. sophia ⋅

    great tips! i have one more, don’t let your toddler eat cheerios off the floor at the doctors office. wailing infant in one arm post vaccinations + a toddler that moved too quick to grab his cheerios off the floor = coxsakie virus:(

  2. Danielle White ⋅

    I don’t know if I would be fast enough at my job if I considered your cautions! It’s enough trouble having to put on a new gown and gloves every time I care for a contact precautions patient! You are so funny….I like the Ebola line. Did Aram like wearing the mask, or did he feel like all the other kids were looking at him weird? How is his little foot?

    • Jamie

      LOL Ya, Danielle you are a different breed. You can’t be like me to have your job, and I could never excel in your career choice (I would be huddled in a ball with a mask on somewhere well-ventilated by the end of my first day)

      Oh no, Aram understands that when we go to the doctor we wear a mask. He enjoys the attention, even if the other kids are afraid of him.
      His foot might be broken. They didn’t Xray him :-/ We’re supposed to give it a few days, but he still can’t put any weight on it today.

  3. Jen

    SOOO funny! I love the mask idea! Can you believe that our pedi actually has a play kitchen with FOOD in the waiting room? You can only guess what a 2 year old (with some virus) will do with a plastic cookie… leaving it there for the next 2 year old to munch on. YIKES!

    • Jamie

      LOL EW!!!!!! OMG Jen what is your doctor (or the staff) thinking with that thing!?
      If I walked in and I saw that in there I would treat it like a nuclear reactor.

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