Goodbye Reagan- Hello Valkyie

Well, had Reagan for a couple of weeks and took her to a Dog Trainer who told us she was a “fear biter.” No thanks, not up for that challenge. He said even with major socialization she wouldn’t get much better… we gave her back (she was re-homed to a couple with no children)

We decided to skip a puppy and go for a fully trained protection dog. Her name is Valkyrie, she is a Giant Schnauzer, and she speaks German.

Goodness Gracious… We Adopted A Dog!

Well, we went to go visit Brian’s sister-in-law and niece in Orange County when we passed a PETSMART with a German Shepherd Rescue set up out front. So we stopped and adopted our first family pet. She is a 12 week old puppy named Reagan that was left with her siblings at a high-kill shelter.

The story behind her being left there was that a German Shepherd breeder let an American White Shepherd male accidentally breed with a German Shepherd female resulting in a worthless littler. So, she decided to dump them….

The good news is we saved her!

We were looking to get a German Shepherd through a protection dog breeder ( We spoke with the head of the training and Reagan will be evaluated for training next week. If she passes she will go through an extenstive training course for two years.

Here is a picture of our killer