How To Avoid Getting Sick At Your Next Visit To The Doctor

Aram jumped off the bed and hurt his foot. To the point where he couldn’t put any pressure on it.

We gave him a night to recover (per Brian’s orthopedic surgeon brother’s orders) and when he woke up he still was acting like a lame duck.

Off we went to the doctor.

My OCD comes out the most at trips to the doctor. Did you know sick people go there? *shudder*

So here are my tips for staying safe when a visit is unavoidable.

1. Wear a mask and keep your kid in pajamas. Even the sick kid’s parents will be afraid to catch what your kid has, because as it appears to others, only really sickly children wear masks…

2. Wear a mask, too. Now it looks like your whole family has the plague. Aram and I had a thirty foot bubble around us, we were so disconcerting to look at.

3. If you want to get in to your room in a hurry, speak loudly about how that recent trip to the Congo would have been more successful if you believed in vaccinations. Use the word “Ebola”- In like Flynn

4. Don’t touch anything!

5. Sanitize often

6. When you get home take your bio-hazardous clothes and throw them in the wash

7. Then shower

8. And finally, eat oranges!

Those are my tips! Use them wisely!

Mousing Around

My mom was down visiting and we decided to go visit…where else? Disneyland.

My mom bought the boys bubble guns. Aram wouldn’t put his down the entire day. Samuel preferred to be in the center of the bubbles, rather than be the bubble-maker.

"Big Thunder Mountain"-I told Samuel to pretend he was scared in line

Aram says he's never scared. I'm betting his future career will entail deadly animals and firearms.

Morning Surprises

The past week I have woken up to the most random scenes:

I woke up to a bank robber

Luckily the suspect was apprehended by the owner of the stolen night-cap/disguise.

The next morning I woke up to this.....

I am happy to announce Aram's face went back to normal after removing the underwearhat. Samuel clearly wears it better.

Which leads up to this morning. I woke up to Samuel locked in his room…except Samuel’s door doesn’t have a lock.

The hinges are in the inside of the door, but we removed the know with no luck.

The maintenance staff came up with no luck and had to drill a hole in the door to get in.

Poor Samuel darted to the bathroom as soon as he was released.

Samuel's door post-rescue

Less Wordy Wednesday

I didn’t get to see Aram for three days after he was born. Someone took a picture and brought it to me.

I also saw Samuel for the first time through a picture.

These are the first images I saw of my children:

Both extremely depressing photos. In Aram’s he is supposed to still be gestating inside of me, but there he is, attached to many tubes and wires (unnecessary, but still)  alone.

In Samuel’s he has just lost everything he’s even known, he looks extremely sad, his clothes don’t fit….he’s alone.

It’s strange to think about all the people who have such a happy first view of their child. Not that I wasn’t happy to get either of these images, but it isn’t the typical scenario of a mother seeing her child for the first time.

And it is definitely not the last image I would get of them. That is the great thing. They are not alone anymore. I am bombarded with images of them looking at me like this everyday.

What Language Are Your Kids Speaking?

Samuel and Aram speak a language in-between Sidamo and English.

This is the result of Aram wanting to speak Samuel’s language and mishearing it. And Samuel trying to learn English and copying Aram (hah)…

Here are some of their half-english words:

Waterlow- water


noodles- ovals (I don’t get this one)

Tumeric- hitting (Tuma means hit in Sidamo)

Aram also has picked up a strong Ethiopian accent. If you are familiar with the accent you know that “r” sounds have a bit of a rolling “L” sound to it.

For example: Aram will say, “It’s over therl” (it’s over there is what he means)

People will ask me where Aram is from. When I say he is my biological child they will say, “oh I thought he had an accent, too.” He does…

So I’m assuming either people think Aram has a speech impediment or he is from a distant land 😉

Poor Samuel is never going to speak English fluently at this rate!

Dinosaur Train Movie!

Samuel and Aram meet Buddy!


A few days ago we received an invite to a special screening of the PBS Dinosaur Train Movie!

Dinosaur Train is such a fun show for kids, and also touches on adoption and transracial adoption. Buddy (the main character) is a different kind of dinosaur than the rest of his family:

Anyway, it was really fun! We received free concessions and refreshments (everything from popcorn to apple chips) before  during the movie.

After the movie we went to the backyard that was set up with stations and games for the kids with the fun look of a garden party.

“Buddy” came out for a meet and greet before and after the movie.

On the way out we received goodie bags with free tickets to the Discovery Science center!

It was a really fun day!


Brian watching the movie and REALLY enjoying the comfy couch.

They set up the movie theatre Dinosaur Train themed!

This would have been a good picture if I brought my real camera.

Buddy is back!

Samuel (orange) was really into the projects.

Seriously, What is Up with Park Moms!!!???

I was so upset I posted this somewhere else earlier,  and decided I should share it on this blog….

So, I’ve been working on gentle discipline with Aram because he’s three and has been having issues not listening to me/testing me…. Like, when we go to the park and there is a small area he climbs into an area that I know dogs pee and poop in. I’ll tell him not to go in there and explain why.

So, we were at the park and Aram went into that specific area; I told him to please come out because dogs “tinkle” in there. To which he started to cry and ask me to pick him up. He is fully capable of getting himself out, and he does this as a way to keep control of the situation, and not allow me to discipline him. So, I told him he needed to come out himself (it was VERY easy to exit and he has no difficulties walking)-

Well, a woman out of nowhere came over (I was about 1/2 inch away from him, we were so close we could have rubbed noses) and picks him up and puts him down out of the area ( it was a split second move)…. Gives me a dirty look and walks away. I was too shocked and confused to be mad at that moment….I was just thinking, “why would someone do that?”  I was right there and it wasn’t a dangerous area (other kids play in there I just find it gross)… I overheard her saying referring to me as “the nanny” later, and the more I got to thinking, the more irritated I am at myself for not saying anything about not touching my child.

Even if I was the nanny it would give her no right to touch the child I am caring for….but I’m not, and it was so wrong of her to assume something like that. And the thing is he IS my child and I can’t believe someone would not only touch my child when I am next to him, but interfere with me teaching/disciplining him.

Ugh, I am feeling so guilty and such a bad mother for not doing anything about it. Plus, I feel violated.

I’ve also learned (before this, but it is worth noting now) that if I see a child at the park playing with someone that is clear as day looks totally opposite, speaks a different language than the person caring him/her, and the woman caring for the child looks post-menopausal- I will never assume the person is the nanny/caretaker/grandma, ever!