Happy Birthday Mama!

Happy 61st Birthday Mommy!

At 60-something you look better than at 30-something…

You now:

You then:

Thank you for….

Breastfeeding me for 6 years, and showing me there is no reason to be ashamed of feeding your baby:

Dressing me for Siberia in 60 degree weather:

Reading to me:

Teaching me the importance of family:

Teaching me how to swim (truthfully, Ali taught me, but I had the pictures…)

Teaching me how to cook:

Teaching me to stop and smell the roses:

I would just like to point out I'm wearing real Ugg Boots in this picture taken in the early 90s. Trendsetter? I think so...

Taking me everywhere (ahem…except Pinecrest…thank you!):

I Love you SO Much!


Your favorite daughter 😉

Big Armenian Birthday

My cousin David’s 40th birthday party was last Sunday.

We fortunately were up in the Bay Area for the festivities!

Grammy and Brian

THE TACO MAN! I was so excited to finally experience the Taco Man tacos. I'm pretty sure I creeped the poor guy out.

These are the non Armenian Bry/ians of the family. We tend to marry giant people with that name. My cousin Whitney married Bryan with a y. Bryan and Brian are buds...And Bryan is the only person that has ever made my Brian look short. I think Bryan 6'7" and Brian is 6'5" - they can eat a lot of tacos.

Me, Cousin Joanie, and my sister Ali

Cousin Whitney, her baby D, and Joanie's kids Jesse and Jamie (the less names we have the less confused we get with this size of a family 😉 ....) I'm not even sure how cousin Jesse and Jamie are officially related to me. My cousin Joanie is my dad's cousin and the boys are her sons. Second cousins once removed maybe?

My Aunt Nancy wanted a shot and all the boys followed her in. Right to Left Brian, cousin David (birthday boy), some person I don't know, Bryan, David's FIL, and my Aunt Nancy

That makes me sick looking at it.

Cousin Joanie, me, and hot Grammy.

Pictures From Aram’s Birthday Party

My dad and Brian's dad eating Mulberry St. Pizza. Yum

My mom and I realize we sit the exact same way. Genes are weird, man.

For the record, the matching horizontal stripes were a coincidence.


My mom looks funny in this picture so it definitely is going on my blog.

Brian doesn't like the idea of putting the same amount of candles as your age...

Samuel blew out all the candles, but three. It was perfect. Aram blew out the rest.

That cake is definitely not organic. That frosting took days of come off their hands.

Ryan and Jenny got Aram a HUGE light sabre. Brian was just as excited as the boys.

I'm still amazed this massive spinning weapon hasn't broken anything, yet.

Happy Birthday Mr. Aram!

Today Aram turns Three!!!!!! (and coincidentally it is the day we officially accepted Samuel’s referral)

This day brings back a lot of wonderful and scary memories.

I remember getting ready to be released from the hospital when the nurses rushed in with a bag of magnesium sulfate. I knew what that meant- I was sick….as sick as I had suspected.

The only good doctor I had during my week stay, came in and said that my liver enzymes had tripled and my platelets had dropped and were going to continue to drop if we didn’t do a c-section immediately. He said he wanted to go into surgery in thirty minutes. I was so relieved that someone had taken me seriously, but I was also petrified.

thirty minutes was a bit of an exaggeration. Within five minutes I was in the operating room where there was a team of twelve waiting for me. The doctor rushed to delivery me and warned me I would only have a two pound baby.

Aram was born and weighed in at five pounds. Everyone was astonished. They showed him to me and he was the smallest little thing I’d ever seen. They whisked him away to the NICU and I stayed in the postpartum recovery area.

I was so sick I didn’t get to see him or hold him for three days.

Speed up three years and Aram is doing amazing!

You would never know he was born two months early.


Well, I hit a quarter of a century in the most unattractive way possible- sick!

People that know me personally understand my strange phobia of getting sick.

God has a very odd sense of humor. I avoid going out sometimes to avoid getting sick. Somehow I managed to get the stomach flu and an odd coughing flu all in the month of February.

I am now somewhat over my strange phobia because of this. So, it was not all a loss.

My big plans for my 25th birthday were:

1.Leave the kids for the weekend with my mom and dad!!!!

2. Go to Carmel with Brian and my best buddy Jenny and her significant other (our other good buddy), Ryan.

3. Eat at Post Ranch Inn for lunch!

4. Eat at Mission Ranch for dinner

5. Eat at the Flying Fish! My favorite restaurant. I could go on about this place all day……..

Alas, this did not happen.

Brian’s 30th is coming up. He is not the party planner- I am. So, really all his big parties I throw are secretly for me, too. I love a good party. This one is going to be huge. Get ready!


Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, yesterday was my 24th 21st birthday! It was so much fun!

We woke up and went to church, went back home and met up with Brian’s parents, ate at the Ethiopian restaurant in Anaheim (where we had freshly roasted coffee I wish I got pictures of!), and went to Disneyland!

We ended the day with margaritas at Tortilla Jo’s, and a truly scary version of goofy thanks to the balloon man.