Sissy Boy….

Every father’s nightmare….

I think that is the fear behind boys having “girls’ toys”

Brian is not one of those dads, thank you Jesus.

I remember when i was in Ghana, one of the other volunteers was an adoptive parent, that had also been a foster parent for many years. Due to the lack of electricity and technology in the village we were staying at we had some pretty long deep conversations with our group and night.

She was telling us about a boy that was taken away from his birth mother by the state. The little boy loved pink rain boots, the mother would never let him wear them in fear of him becoming gay. This was completely unrelated to why her parental rights were temporarily taken-away, but it was sad. The little boy went into my fellow volunteer’s home and got to wear his pink boots every day for a few glorious months. He felt like a million dollars wearing those shoes and they gave him confidence that every little boy should have. Then he was sent back to live with his mother. I’m sure the boots were taken away.

We will never know what happened to him, but it was a great lesson for me on how to parent my children. Aram came out as every testosterone-driven man’s dream (aside from his strange obsession with Lady Gaga)…Samuel is more like me. He loves things that are colorful and sparkle. Part of it is from his culture in Ethiopia, but really that is just who he is. He likes looking at pretty things.

We let the boys pick out their toothbrushes, and Aram picked Lightning Mcqueen (not surprising), and Samuel picked Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.” This was a tough one for Brian…I’m not really sure why, but he sucked it up and now I think he enjoys seeing Ariel’s colorful head in our bathroom every morning. I know it is definitely refreshing to have more of my favorite Disney characters in this house.