China’s Stolen Children

I just watched a documentary called, “China’s Stolen Children”……

I am at a loss for words on what I think about what I just witnessed. I have to watch the end tomorrow because Aram woke up from his nap right in the middle of it.

I do have a few questions:

1. The law in China is to have only one child or face harsh penalties or forced abortion. If you don’t have a boy on your first shot then you are pretty much screwed in your old age. Women marry into their husbands families and there will be no one to take care of the elderly parents of the daughter. So, most people end up finding out the sex of their baby between 4 to 5 months along and then abort if it is a girl. The generation having babies right now have a documented 40 million female abortions in China……..If you take out morality, personal emotions, and just look at it objectively it raises one big question for me- WHO THE HECK ARE THE 40 MILLION BOYS GOING TO MARRY WHEN THEY GROW UP?! If they are trying to lower the population they may end up with a complete extinction of the country’s people if they don’t watch out.

2.This couple couldn’t get married (In China women have to be 20 and men have to be 22 to legally marry- this couple was a year off) so they couldn’t apply for a birth permit. She was pregnant and she ended up having to sell her baby because she could afford the harsh fines if she was caught. She sold the baby to a man and the father asked if they baby could go to a western family-which seemed impossible to the trafficker. The baby was a girl and the trafficker said that he could get only a fraction of the cost for a female and that most people wanted older babies so she would get even less for that….Ok very weird…….So, how do any of these kids make it into Orphanages if they are all being aborted or specifically planned and sold off to traffickers that almost laugh at the thought of a western person taking the baby? I am so confused!

The movie is extremely disturbing. It does a wonderful job portraying the parents of the kidnapped Chen Jie (pictured above) raw desperate state. I cried though most of it. It bothered me so much I have to cut myself off from writing about it. It is too upsetting.