Confession Friday

Keep your children away from mine…

My kids know that I am Santa.

Yeah, it’s true. With Christmas around the corner I thought I should give everyone fair warning.

Brian and I decided when Aram was born that we weren’t going to let our kids think Santa is real.

Don’t get me wrong, we still participate in every Santa Clausial activity, but the boys know he is pretend, and Brian and I are responsible for the presents.  It is just as fun, though!

It is also important for us to emphasize the true meaning of Christmas…So, Santa needs to take the backseat in our house.

Confession Friday

I’m not modest…at all…

To prove it I give you exhibit A- Taking nude photos after giving birth to my first child. Why? Why the heck not? Sure, your body may not be in the best shape, but it just did the coolest thing it will ever do! I think that should be captured on film!

Confession Friday

Whenever I see volunteer political supporters, picketers, or anything holding a sign in support of something, on the side of the street, I’ll honk and wave in support. Even if I have no idea what the heck the proposition is, or who the politician is.

I know, it is bad. Brian is extremely embarrassed if he is in the car.

It’s nice to see people passionate about something. And when I honk everyone yells and waves back with excitement. What can I say? I like seeing happy people!

Confession Friday

I’ve had a nose job! (TWO!)

Well, it’s not what you think. Actually, it is.

My nose was broken by a potato. (No Anthony, you will never live this down…)

After all the laughter in the emergency room passed, they told me it wasn’t broken. Turns out it was, we found out weeks later, but it was too late to fix it.

So Anthony gave me the dream of every 15-year-old girl in the world…an excuse to get a nose-job.

original nose

unfortunately, these are the only pictures I have of my "botched" nose job. The fact that these pictures exist is a confession in itself. Faces have been blurred out to protect their dignity.

No one (including my plastic surgeon) was happy about what became of my nose, so we worked on changing it back to the original.

my current nose 😉


Confession Friday

“I hate camping…or roughing it on vacation”

I am like the soon-to-be step-mom on “The Parent Trap.”

If I go on vacation I want it to be nice.

Camping is not for me. Yeah, I can do it…no problem…. but not for recreational or relaxing fun.

I put part of the blame on my parents. My sister every year tries to talk me into going with them to Pinecrest. My mom and dad actually met on vacation there. My mom has been going and staying in the same cabin there since she was a baby. They brought my brother and sister all the time.  When i came around they had recently bought their cottage in Carmel, so that is where we went. That is where I spent a lot of my childhood, and all the nostalgia that my sister feels in Pinecrest, I feel in Carmel.

When I was 12 they brought me to Pinecrest. This was too little too late. The cabin we stayed (the same one they had been going for for 50 years) needs a sheet hung over the beds so rats don’t fall on you (or spiders…)….It is freezing, there is carpet with urine stains in the bathroom (around the toilet), and the only source of heating is the stove in the downstairs kitchen (the bedrooms are upstairs)…so some poor soul has to go get it started in the morning. Oh, that summer my mom swam the lake and got a weird parasite from swallowing diminutive amounts of water. I’m now afraid of all lakes, not just that one (which is man-made, and it loses a little of the mystique for me because of that, too…)…

Brian was all for visiting Pinecrest when my sister asked him. Then I poisoned that well by talking in detail about my experience there.

Confession Friday

Today’s confession comes from my wonderful cousin, Whitney! Check out her blog (Random Though Thursday is a hilarious weekly post):

Hello from McMadness. When Jamie asked me to fill in for Confession Friday I was pumped. (Does anyone still say pumped, or has it gone the way of ‘da bomb?) I figured I must have dozens of confessions to choose from. So I searched the deep recesses of my soul to come up with a really good one to share. Do I confess that I read text messages over people’s shoulders on public transportation? Nah, everybody does that. What about the fact that I secretly buy candy, and eat it in hiding so I don’t have to share it with my husband, then feel so guilty about it, that I buy even more candy and bring it home for the both of us? That in fact, the guilt set in yesterday evening as I was at the See’s counter for a free sample a scotchmallow for my commute home when I thought of my poor husband without any See’s candy and I frantically shouted “WAIT! A CHOCOLATE BUTTER! AND A RASPBERRY!” Nope. Still not juicy enough.

Then I remembered. Small hands. I fear them. Specifically, small hands on men who are not small. Small hands on big men. And even more so when those big men with small hands have small feet. And if those small feet are in shoes with tassels, it’s over. It drives me to the point of distraction. I will sit in meetings, where I am supposed to have all these serious lawyer thoughts, and I do nothing but stare at the small hands across the table. And every so often take a sneak peek at the small feet. It’s wrong, and mean, and these large men with small hands and tiny tasseled feet cannot help it. But I can’t control the fear.

Confession Friday: Andrew Zimmern is My Celebrity Crush

SI Kids

Don’t give me what look, by the end of this I will bet he will be yours, too.

Andrew Zimmern hosts a show on the Travel Channel called “Bizarre Foods”, where he travels the world sampling different and unique fare of the area.I like him so much I was personally concerned for him as his weight went up and he looked unhealthy. Recently he’s been looking more svelte and I sighed in relief to know he’s probably healthier (and more dashing 😉 …)

Some may ask, “Why would you pick this guy when you’re married to this stud muffin?”

We call this brian's "sexy pic" or "zoolander pic". I'll use any excuse to whip it out. It cracks me up, and it won't be the last time I use it on here. It is too ridiculous...

Well here are the reasons I am charmed my Mr. Zimmern:

  1. He’s not a picky eater
  2. He is well traveled and enjoys traveling
  3. He is gracious and kind to everyone he meets on his show
  4. He is a very positive person, in general …and I just like being around people like that
  5. He has an interesting past and openly talks about how he was once homeless
  6. He has beautiful wife and adorable child:

    And the list could go on and on..but I’ll stop here.

I have to say, Anderson Cooper is a close second…

With that being said-

Do you and any interesting “celebrity crushes?” I’d like to know who they are!

Confession Friday

I’m afraid of my cell phone.

Most of you know that my cell phone is chronically missing. I also don’t text. Never have, and I probably never will.

I lost interest in my cell phone about five years ago and I only bother to find it if I’m going somewhere out of the area, alone, with the kids.

What I avoid telling people is that Brian is constantly pushing to buy me an IPhone. And I secretly want one. My excuse is it will be another device I will become addicted to. That is true, but my true reason is I’m terrified of the radiation that comes through the device.

So there, another reason I’m a weirdo….

Confession Friday



I like falling asleep watching TBN

I know, I know….it is bad to watch TV when you’re going to sleep, but I don’t care. I use sleeptimer…that is worth something, right?

I decided to live without a TV in my bedroom for two years thinking it would be good for me. I hated it every night for two years. When we moved into our house I demanded a TV go back in our room. I’ve appreciated it even more since then!

Why TBN? I’m not really sure. It is strangely soothing to me. At night they seem to have odd southern gospel variety shows on that look like they are from the 1970s. The woman is always made-up very Tammy Faye Baker-esque and has a very pleasant voice. It is very overly happy “kumbaya” type of show with some questionable guests ( I think I once woke up to Benny Hinn)…. And as much as a seem to mock and brutally criticize things like that… I think I secretly like it the happy aspect of it.