Mousing Around

My mom was down visiting and we decided to go visit…where else? Disneyland.

My mom bought the boys bubble guns. Aram wouldn’t put his down the entire day. Samuel preferred to be in the center of the bubbles, rather than be the bubble-maker.

"Big Thunder Mountain"-I told Samuel to pretend he was scared in line

Aram says he's never scared. I'm betting his future career will entail deadly animals and firearms.

Secrets of the Mouse

I have a few friends recently who have told me that they don’t want to brave Disneyland with their kids because it is a disaster waiting to happen. I don’t blame them. After being there twice this week I saw bigger meltdowns than Fukushima and Chernobyl, combined.

I doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m spilling some of my secrets.

  1. Pick your day wisely! If you can go on a weekday and avoid summer months (too hot anyway) that is the perfect time to go. A weekday in September is practically empty.
  2. Parking: The main parking garage is not fun if you get stuck in a spot a mile away from the elevator (and Disney directs you to the spot). Most weekdays the parking for over-sized vehicles and handicapped is open to the public. When you get to the parking attendant ask if you can have a yellow strip and if you can park on the ground. They won’t let you do it unless you ask!
  3.  Coffee: Now you’re in and you want some coffee. Buy a cup of coffee anywhere in Disneyland and have fun walking around. If you’re needing another caffeine boost just give your cup to another vendor in the park that sells coffee. You get free refills the entire day!
  4. Disney’s California Adventure: This is a hidden gem. People hated it because I don’t think they understood how to use the park properly (hence the huge revamp)- If we come here during the afternoon I’ll bring the kids to the bar at Ariel’s Grotto (where there are constantly scuba divers getting ready for WOC) get a mojito and bbq chicken pizza. The boys love it, the food isn’t bad, and it’s cheap. (FYI: the bar makes their own tortilla chips! They are good)
  5. Is it hot? California Adventure has Grizzly River Run. You have to be 42 inches to go on it. If you’re with small children, or just want to relax and let the kids get wet -You can walk past the fastpass distrubution for WOC, down a ramp (you won’t find it unless you know it is there), where they have an observation area right where the rafts come down from the ride. There is shade (for you) and a “wet zone” for the kids. My boys love waiting for the rafts and guessing how wet they’ll get from each other.
  6. You want to buy your child a balloon, but you’re afraid it will fly away or pop? No problem. If that happens, just tell a cast member selling the balloons, and they will give you another one for free!
  7. Dinner: Napa Rose is a 5 star restaurant in The Grand California Hotel (connected to California Adventure). Some of the best food I’ve ever had (try the mushroom cappuccino bisque). At just a regular trip to Disney I don’t want to spend $200-300 on dinner. BUT…relax and eat in their lounge and ask for a kid’s meal. They are good portions and the food is the same caliber as their 5-star menu. The servers are great, just ask if you can order off the kids menu and they will always say yes (one of my favorite servers there was the one who taught me to do this and told me this is what she eats regularly). The price of each entree is between $8-$14 and you won’t get those prices or that quality in the park!
  8. Disneyland Fireworks:Don’t sweat parking out in front of the castle on the ground for hours (yuck)…Go to the Plaza Inn at Disneyland (Get there 15-30 minutes early to find a good seat). You don’t have to buy food to sit there, but you can if you want to!

And here is my list of in-park food that isn’t horrible:

Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland

Royal Street Veranda in New Orleans Square (Clam Chowder and Gumbo, only)

Sit-down: Cafe Orleans

And that concludes my list!

The Boys at Disneyland!

Great day at Disneyland, yesterday!

I like sometimes going with just the boys.

First thing was first,we got right down to business- Going on that highly anticipated Little Mermaid ride. The boys even wore their crab shirts for the event.

We've spotted her!

The boys festive outfits.

It was a ZOO there! I am assuming summer has started for some kids.

Samuel saw another couple doing this pose. He tried to recreate the magic himself.

We decided to go on Splash Mountain, this was Aram and Samuel’s first time. They said it is their favorite ride. I stuffed socks in Aram’s shoes to make him tall enough to get on. #MOMOFTHEYEAR

We didn’t want to hit traffic so we had to kill time. I put their jammies on and we went to Napa Rose for dinner. Those boys run that place.

Napa Rose

Samuel seriously drinking some apple juice

Aram was an Alligator for the night.

After dinner we went and got ice cream and watched this guitar player/singer in Downtown Disney. Samuel said the guy was “his favorite.”

We finally made it home and we were discovered like this (please excuse the half-unpacked room and the cheesy leopard throw):

Things That I Love- Disneyland

I almost decided not to post this because it seems a little redundant at this point. However, I have to pay homage to my home-away-from-home: Disneyland!

Reasons I love Disneyland:

1. It is the happiest place on earth

2. I got cast as Snow White, Aurora, and Belle face characters at Disneyland (so they don’t think I’m ugly!)- ask me about the audition (the guy totally predicted my pregnancy with AT!)- I am pretty bummed out and still slightly bitter that I am not currently working there for minimum wage around a bunch of germy kids.

3.  The Lost Bar

4. Bengal BBQ

5. Club 33

6. The Baby Center!

7. Where else can you take a ride in a horse-drawn anything and never see poop- EVER?

8. Basically every magical ride is worth mentioning, but I’ll just cover all my basis with #8

9. Disney Dream Suite

10. Grand Californian Hotel- NAPA ROSE

And that is just the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

Disneyland with Jenneth

On Sunday Jenny and I decided we needed to got to Disneyland.

We packed up Aram (minus a stroller- those things are pointless there) and off we went!

We didn’t go on many rides, but the trip was still extremely fun!

Me, AT, and Jenny in front of our house 😉

AT in Fantasyland

Jenneth loving on AT

Waiting in line for Autopia

We decided to have dinner at Napa Rose. We ordered a sizzling Beach Rock and drinks while AT ran around like a mad man.

Napa Rose

AT and Jenny at Napa Rose

the end of our day

We ended our day with coffee and ice cream and hit the road!

We’ll be back next week!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, yesterday was my 24th 21st birthday! It was so much fun!

We woke up and went to church, went back home and met up with Brian’s parents, ate at the Ethiopian restaurant in Anaheim (where we had freshly roasted coffee I wish I got pictures of!), and went to Disneyland!

We ended the day with margaritas at Tortilla Jo’s, and a truly scary version of goofy thanks to the balloon man.