Samuel has an appointment to get his hear locked up next week.

His twists ended up getting messed up and we decided the next time we sit in a chair for three hours we want it to be more locked in than twists are.

What I did NOT know is that a lot of African Americans find the term “dreadlocks” offensive. Locs can be used, but dread is not okay.

Guess who else is getting locs? If you guessed me, you’re kind-of correct. The girl that is doing Samuel’s hair does dreadlock extensions (yeah, that word is going to be tough for me to get rid of) and I’m getting one (or maybe a couple) put in for fun. Samuel is excited that I’m getting some, too.

My hair right now is in rehab. I’m back to my hairstylist extraordinaire, Yanai Van. My hair was in such bad shape when he got a hold of it he gave me strict rules of only touching it up every three months and not washing it during the week. Yanai is one of the only stylists in the area that uses the French ammonia-free highlights….and even then he said mine would break if we did it too much. So hopefully when he sees my one or two locs he will not be too freaked out.

As for my hair during the week. It is kind of gross. Here is Samuel making fun of it:

Samuel making fun of my gross hair. it is okay if you want to laugh

I will keep you posted on our hair evolution.



Well, I hit a quarter of a century in the most unattractive way possible- sick!

People that know me personally understand my strange phobia of getting sick.

God has a very odd sense of humor. I avoid going out sometimes to avoid getting sick. Somehow I managed to get the stomach flu and an odd coughing flu all in the month of February.

I am now somewhat over my strange phobia because of this. So, it was not all a loss.

My big plans for my 25th birthday were:

1.Leave the kids for the weekend with my mom and dad!!!!

2. Go to Carmel with Brian and my best buddy Jenny and her significant other (our other good buddy), Ryan.

3. Eat at Post Ranch Inn for lunch!

4. Eat at Mission Ranch for dinner

5. Eat at the Flying Fish! My favorite restaurant. I could go on about this place all day……..

Alas, this did not happen.

Brian’s 30th is coming up. He is not the party planner- I am. So, really all his big parties I throw are secretly for me, too. I love a good party. This one is going to be huge. Get ready!


Still the Top of the Embarrassing List

I decided to resurrect this post, so everyone can have another laugh at my expense.

MY Most Embarassing Moment

It’s hard to believe that something could top going out in public with one eyebrow.

BUT, it happened long ago (circa 2005) and I thought I’d share.

Brian and I went to PF Changs for dinner and I thought I was breaking out in hives from something I ate there (turns our I am allergic to J&J’s baby lotion.) Anyway, there were little bumps on my forearms and I started to freak out. We called my mom and Brian’s brother to ask what to do (he’s a doctor and my mom is- well, my mom)- they both said to go get cortisone cream.

So, off to Walgreens we went. By this point panic had set in and I wanted to get that cream on me ASAP.

I jumped out of Brian’s corvette (remember that car?) as soon as it pulled into the parking space. I frantically ran to the first sales clerk and yelled “where is the cortisone cream!!!????” He looked at my frantic face and immediately yelled back, “aisle 8!”

I ran to aisle 8 and in big letters I saw CORTISONE. I didn’t  feel like wasting time so I pulled it out of the tube and started rubbing it on my arms. The placebo effect was setting in and I immediately felt better.

I strolled up to the open register and set the empty box in front of the sales clerk. Here is our conversation (which at the time I thought was weird):

Her: (peaks in box to see nothing is in there and looks confused)

Me: “oh, don’t worry I put it in my purse. I put it on in the store- I had a bad reaction to something I ate and broke out in a rash.”

Her: “you put it on in the store?” horrified look

Me: now questioning my judgment and getting a little irritated at her – “yes, I did- I had a bad reaction to something I ate and I was breaking out. I got really nervous and just opened the tube and put it on in the aisle- geez I hope that’s okay”

Her: “um, I guess so…..”

I went back to the car and threw the box down on the seat. Brian looked down at it and also had a confused look on his face.

Brian: “why did you buy that?”

Me: “Your brother told me to get it!” (duh!)

Brian: “he told you to buy ANAL itch cream?!”

Me: (grabs the box and looks horrified at the conversation I just had with the sales clerk) “OMG!”


So, that is my story. If you can top it (I pray that you can) I would love to hear your story……..