Well, looks like looks like we were raptured.

Sorry if you didn’t make it.

Our building was having a great time on May 21, 2011….thanks to us.

I like that all four members of our family were raptured in this prank.

There it goes.....

Our doorman, Duante, reenacting his reaction.

Jack Black..

There is so much more excitement living in a high-rise than in a single-family house. For instance, neighbors. We have a bunch of interesting professions on our floor, but no one is more colorful than Mr. G.
Mr. G is an ex mafioso from New York. He is in his early 80s and looks pretty darn good for his age. He left his gangster life and opened up seven restaurants all over Los Angeles. Which means he is a great cook.
Mr. G has taken a liking to our family, and most weeknights I don’t have to cook because I get delivered Sicilian homemade dinners to my door.
Brian went to his apartment the other day and told me I needed to go in and check out the pictures on his wall. So I did….Looks like Mr. G was good friends with Marilyn Monroe and the Rat Pack among other old Hollywood elite. His best friend played Luca Brasi in The Godfather.
I decided to ask Mr. G about his relationship with Marilyn Monroe, and he was very open about it. He showed me more pictures not on display and told me all about her. He has a sweater of hers from one of her famous photo shoots.
I decided to pick up a book I had on Marilyn, Marilyn’s Last Words, by Matthew Smith.

I am now as interested in hear mysterious death as I could be about any current event. Mr. G says he knows exactly what happened to her and it was murder. After almost finishing my book I have to agree!

We FINALLY moved!!!!!

We’ve moved!
Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for!!!! (And by we, I really mean me..)

We have moved out of our desolate suburban neighborhood back to the city!

The boys love it, but really don’t get the deal of living in a building with other people. They are obsessed with the elevator….and they love being up so high and watching all of the cars go by. If an ambulance goes by that is extra exciting.

My favorite part is that my new bathroom has a shower AND a bath. That’s right….no slash. Gone are the days of the shower/bath module. You may think I’m stupid for being so excited about this, but I take a bath every night, and this is a big deal to me.

The weird part of living here is that I am the only mom that brings her kids to the park during the week. The other children are accompanied by their nannies….which doesn’t help my problem of always looking like a babysitter. One weekend when I was playing with the kids at the park, a mom came over and asked me if I was free to babysit, and said she was so impressed at how engaged I was with the kids I was taking care of :-/ ….Well, at least I don’t look old.

Here are some pictures of the boys enjoying our new park:

Randomly, Aram potty-trained himself before we moved. He just did it one day…there was no help by me. I was willing to wait until he was three I was so lazy. We just happened to have a potty-chair in the house. He doesn’t even need a pull-up at night. So, here is the time in my post I would like to say farewell to my wonderful cloth diapers.

Unfortunately, we are now deathly afraid of our water. We probably should have been at our old house, but now we’re really in to buying water mode. We’ve decided to go with a home delivery service that uses 5 gallon glass bottles and a ceramic  – because we’re that weird.

our very heavy new water source.