How To Avoid Getting Sick At Your Next Visit To The Doctor

Aram jumped off the bed and hurt his foot. To the point where he couldn’t put any pressure on it.

We gave him a night to recover (per Brian’s orthopedic surgeon brother’s orders) and when he woke up he still was acting like a lame duck.

Off we went to the doctor.

My OCD comes out the most at trips to the doctor. Did you know sick people go there? *shudder*

So here are my tips for staying safe when a visit is unavoidable.

1. Wear a mask and keep your kid in pajamas. Even the sick kid’s parents will be afraid to catch what your kid has, because as it appears to others, only really sickly children wear masks…

2. Wear a mask, too. Now it looks like your whole family has the plague. Aram and I had a thirty foot bubble around us, we were so disconcerting to look at.

3. If you want to get in to your room in a hurry, speak loudly about how that recent trip to the Congo would have been more successful if you believed in vaccinations. Use the word “Ebola”- In like Flynn

4. Don’t touch anything!

5. Sanitize often

6. When you get home take your bio-hazardous clothes and throw them in the wash

7. Then shower

8. And finally, eat oranges!

Those are my tips! Use them wisely!

Mousing Around

My mom was down visiting and we decided to go visit…where else? Disneyland.

My mom bought the boys bubble guns. Aram wouldn’t put his down the entire day. Samuel preferred to be in the center of the bubbles, rather than be the bubble-maker.

"Big Thunder Mountain"-I told Samuel to pretend he was scared in line

Aram says he's never scared. I'm betting his future career will entail deadly animals and firearms.

Morning Surprises

The past week I have woken up to the most random scenes:

I woke up to a bank robber

Luckily the suspect was apprehended by the owner of the stolen night-cap/disguise.

The next morning I woke up to this.....

I am happy to announce Aram's face went back to normal after removing the underwearhat. Samuel clearly wears it better.

Which leads up to this morning. I woke up to Samuel locked in his room…except Samuel’s door doesn’t have a lock.

The hinges are in the inside of the door, but we removed the know with no luck.

The maintenance staff came up with no luck and had to drill a hole in the door to get in.

Poor Samuel darted to the bathroom as soon as he was released.

Samuel's door post-rescue

#9, Check!

Well, I can check number 9 off the Pre-30 Bucket List:

See Adele in concert!

That may not excite you, but after cancelling her concert we had already planned to be at and knowing she has debilitating stage freight, we thought we may never see her.

Well, we did it!

We saw her at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley that I LOVE. I only want to see concerts there from now on. Now that I don’t live in the Bay Area I’m learning to appreciate Berkeley in a whole new way. I think Adele fans are really fun, but Berkley Adele fans are even more fun to be with!

Since this was on our bucket list, we felt the need to document everything:

Here we are getting ready to leave for the concert...pretty excited! Oh, FYI the picture hanging in the background is scary Pinecrest.

Brian was clearly over-excited. Don't tell his friends.

Okay, we only have Brian’s half-working Iphone to take pictures at the concert. So I apologize for what you are about to see….

We made it!

I wanted to get a shot from the lawn. We didn't sit up here, but I think next time we will do lawn seating. It looked like a lot of fun and they still had a good view.

The wine guys, I liked them...

Wanda Jackson (The first female rock and roll singer!) opened up for Adele. What a sassy lady. She had some really good stories about Elvis.

Adele Opened with Hometown Glory.

She then went on to give a great concert. I’m not kidding. Brian said it was the best one he’s ever been to. I think I agree….

Well, none of my Adele pictures turned out. So I’m stealing one from the same night, thank you Wanda:







Brian and I took a weekend vacation to Carmel!

A big part of my childhood was spent there, so I love going back.

Carmel Then:

Carmel Now:


We do encounter one problem. The men in my family (and the ones we marry) tend to be abnormally tall, and the houses in Carmel are built for abnormally small people.

Eating is one of my favorite things to do. And some of the best restaurants are in town.

We met my best friend from Carmel, Heather, and her husband, Adam, at the Flying Fish for dinner. This is my all-time favorite restaurant.

The best abalone!

After dinner we went to a drive bar in downtown Carmel (didn’t know one existed there!)…complete with a WII, disco ball, and boom box as the “sound system”….

Living it up at Ody's Tavern

The next morning we went to the Tuck Box for scones. Brian was very reluctant to go here when we first came to Camel together years ago. We’re both not scone people and a feminine tea house is the last place he wants to hang out….but there is a reason it is huge tourist attraction. The scones are really good, and the atmosphere is very Alice in Wonderland. Now we always make sure to go at least once.

For dinner we went into Pacific Grove to Peppers! They have the best tamales I’ve ever had (half of the time they aren’t available…). And great margaritas…..


Other places worth eating:

Marinus at Bernardus Lodge.

The Little Chicken House!  (My favorite!)

Little Napoli

Mission Ranch

Fun Facts about Carmel:

  • High-heeled shoes are outlawed (the law used to be enforced long ago..)
  • The city of Carmel-by-the-Sea does not have numbed addresses. You must name your house. Some of the names: Hansel and Gretel, Periwinkle, Sea Urchin…. There is no mail delivered (post office only), but if you wanted to order a pizza you would give the address as the name of your house.
  • There are no parking meters
  • Father Junípero Serra (the first President and founder of the early Missions) is buried there



Lucky #13- Monta!

I completed the first of my Pre-30 Bucket List! #13, learn how to make Monta.

Manti, or Monta/Manta (as the “real” Armenians call it 😉 …) Is an Armenian dish that I LOVE. When my mom first made it for Brian he went crazy. It is now his favorite food of all time, and he’s not the only one.

I’ve been around my mom making Monta since I could remember, but this time I was actually going to learn and be able to replicate it at home.

My mom and me making Monta in the same kitchen!

Apparently true Armenian Monta uses lamb, which I love, but my mom doesn’t. So we always have used beef. She also adds Garlic into the meat which is a no-no, but we love it.

Here we go!

The Recipe!

Chopped up onions, garlic, parsley and melted butter, before the ground meat is added

egg and oil to start the dough

If the dough is done it should feel like your earlobe

roll out dough into thin strips

cut into squares

spoon meat mixture into dough squares

pinch ends

line up on baking sheet

spoon melted butter over all uncooked monta

in the oven!

This is what they look like when they're done.

Although, completely good on their own…..

We serve it in a bowl with hot water, garlic yogurt, and topped with slowly grilled “crispy” onions.

I would have taken a picture, but we ate them all before I could get my camera out- So here is a picture I took from another blogger with a different recipe(looks like she’s also an adoptive mommy):

Less Wordy Wednesday

I didn’t get to see Aram for three days after he was born. Someone took a picture and brought it to me.

I also saw Samuel for the first time through a picture.

These are the first images I saw of my children:

Both extremely depressing photos. In Aram’s he is supposed to still be gestating inside of me, but there he is, attached to many tubes and wires (unnecessary, but still)  alone.

In Samuel’s he has just lost everything he’s even known, he looks extremely sad, his clothes don’t fit….he’s alone.

It’s strange to think about all the people who have such a happy first view of their child. Not that I wasn’t happy to get either of these images, but it isn’t the typical scenario of a mother seeing her child for the first time.

And it is definitely not the last image I would get of them. That is the great thing. They are not alone anymore. I am bombarded with images of them looking at me like this everyday.