#9, Check!

Well, I can check number 9 off the Pre-30 Bucket List:

See Adele in concert!

That may not excite you, but after cancelling her concert we had already planned to be at and knowing she has debilitating stage freight, we thought we may never see her.

Well, we did it!

We saw her at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley that I LOVE. I only want to see concerts there from now on. Now that I don’t live in the Bay Area I’m learning to appreciate Berkeley in a whole new way. I think Adele fans are really fun, but Berkley Adele fans are even more fun to be with!

Since this was on our bucket list, we felt the need to document everything:

Here we are getting ready to leave for the concert...pretty excited! Oh, FYI the picture hanging in the background is scary Pinecrest.

Brian was clearly over-excited. Don't tell his friends.

Okay, we only have Brian’s half-working Iphone to take pictures at the concert. So I apologize for what you are about to see….

We made it!

I wanted to get a shot from the lawn. We didn't sit up here, but I think next time we will do lawn seating. It looked like a lot of fun and they still had a good view.

The wine guys, I liked them...

Wanda Jackson (The first female rock and roll singer!) opened up for Adele. What a sassy lady. She had some really good stories about Elvis.

Adele Opened with Hometown Glory.

She then went on to give a great concert. I’m not kidding. Brian said it was the best one he’s ever been to. I think I agree….

Well, none of my Adele pictures turned out. So I’m stealing one from the same night, thank you Wanda:






Lucky #13- Monta!

I completed the first of my Pre-30 Bucket List! #13, learn how to make Monta.

Manti, or Monta/Manta (as the “real” Armenians call it 😉 …) Is an Armenian dish that I LOVE. When my mom first made it for Brian he went crazy. It is now his favorite food of all time, and he’s not the only one.

I’ve been around my mom making Monta since I could remember, but this time I was actually going to learn and be able to replicate it at home.

My mom and me making Monta in the same kitchen!

Apparently true Armenian Monta uses lamb, which I love, but my mom doesn’t. So we always have used beef. She also adds Garlic into the meat which is a no-no, but we love it.

Here we go!

The Recipe!

Chopped up onions, garlic, parsley and melted butter, before the ground meat is added

egg and oil to start the dough

If the dough is done it should feel like your earlobe

roll out dough into thin strips

cut into squares

spoon meat mixture into dough squares

pinch ends

line up on baking sheet

spoon melted butter over all uncooked monta

in the oven!

This is what they look like when they're done.

Although, completely good on their own…..

We serve it in a bowl with hot water, garlic yogurt, and topped with slowly grilled “crispy” onions.

I would have taken a picture, but we ate them all before I could get my camera out- So here is a picture I took from another blogger with a different recipe(looks like she’s also an adoptive mommy):

30 before 30

Brian and I were discussing bucket lists a few months ago, and came to two conclusions:
They are slightly morbid and depressing.
They give you no real time-frame and make people less likely to complete them.

That is when we figured a bucket list with an actual stopping point (besides death) sounded like a great idea.

We decided a Pre-30 list. Brian is turning 30 in November, so we had to up his to 35 😉 – I have exactly 1726 days to accomplish my list!

I went on a friend’s blog and found out that we are not the only ones with this great Idea. They decided on a “Pre-Baby Bucket List.”

So without further ado, here is our list:

  1.  Go to Disney World and Harry Potter Land (you may think this is for the kids, but it is totally for the adults in the family)
  2. Visit Marilyn Monroe’s grave (why? I have no idea, but I’ve always wanted to)
  3.  Attend a finale show of American Idol
  4.  Host a charity event for our favorite foundation
  5. Go on an extensive African adventure with the kiddos (this will be towards the end of the five years)
  6. See the Northern Lights
  7. Take a fancy cooking class as a couple
  8. Get professional family photos taken
  9. See Adele in concert  completed 8/9/2011 here
  10. Meet Dolly Parton (okay this is more for me than Brian, but I love her and I think it should be on my list…)
  11.  Go to a taping of “Dancing With the Stars” with Grammy
  12.  Learn how to cook Doro Wat
  13.  Learn how to cook Monta  completed August 2011  here
  14.  Both surprise each other at some point with something unexpected and extremely fun.
  15.  Go on a hot air balloon ride
  16.  Do something fun and silly that you would be ashamed to do because of what other people will think (Like dress up for Comic-Con)
  17. Fly first class overseas
  18.  Find meaningful volunteer opportunities locally, that we can also bring our children to
  19. Get featured on TV/radio/print/newspapers for something we have done
  20. Surprise a friend with something unexpected and fun
  21. Surprise a stranger by doing something kind
  22. Go horseback riding
  23. Learn Conversational Amharic
  24. Visit NY and see a Yankee’s game
  25. Visit the Chocolate Bar!
  26. Go on a family vacation with my parents and my sister and her crew (not an easy task)
  27. Frolick around at the Concours d’Elegance completed 8/2011 here
  28. Get a tattoo
  29. Go on a honeymoon
  30. Talk my building into putting a garden on the roof