How To Avoid Getting Sick At Your Next Visit To The Doctor

Aram jumped off the bed and hurt his foot. To the point where he couldn’t put any pressure on it.

We gave him a night to recover (per Brian’s orthopedic surgeon brother’s orders) and when he woke up he still was acting like a lame duck.

Off we went to the doctor.

My OCD comes out the most at trips to the doctor. Did you know sick people go there? *shudder*

So here are my tips for staying safe when a visit is unavoidable.

1. Wear a mask and keep your kid in pajamas. Even the sick kid’s parents will be afraid to catch what your kid has, because as it appears to others, only really sickly children wear masks…

2. Wear a mask, too. Now it looks like your whole family has the plague. Aram and I had a thirty foot bubble around us, we were so disconcerting to look at.

3. If you want to get in to your room in a hurry, speak loudly about how that recent trip to the Congo would have been more successful if you believed in vaccinations. Use the word “Ebola”- In like Flynn

4. Don’t touch anything!

5. Sanitize often

6. When you get home take your bio-hazardous clothes and throw them in the wash

7. Then shower

8. And finally, eat oranges!

Those are my tips! Use them wisely!

Secrets of the Mouse

I have a few friends recently who have told me that they don’t want to brave Disneyland with their kids because it is a disaster waiting to happen. I don’t blame them. After being there twice this week I saw bigger meltdowns than Fukushima and Chernobyl, combined.

I doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m spilling some of my secrets.

  1. Pick your day wisely! If you can go on a weekday and avoid summer months (too hot anyway) that is the perfect time to go. A weekday in September is practically empty.
  2. Parking: The main parking garage is not fun if you get stuck in a spot a mile away from the elevator (and Disney directs you to the spot). Most weekdays the parking for over-sized vehicles and handicapped is open to the public. When you get to the parking attendant ask if you can have a yellow strip and if you can park on the ground. They won’t let you do it unless you ask!
  3.  Coffee: Now you’re in and you want some coffee. Buy a cup of coffee anywhere in Disneyland and have fun walking around. If you’re needing another caffeine boost just give your cup to another vendor in the park that sells coffee. You get free refills the entire day!
  4. Disney’s California Adventure: This is a hidden gem. People hated it because I don’t think they understood how to use the park properly (hence the huge revamp)- If we come here during the afternoon I’ll bring the kids to the bar at Ariel’s Grotto (where there are constantly scuba divers getting ready for WOC) get a mojito and bbq chicken pizza. The boys love it, the food isn’t bad, and it’s cheap. (FYI: the bar makes their own tortilla chips! They are good)
  5. Is it hot? California Adventure has Grizzly River Run. You have to be 42 inches to go on it. If you’re with small children, or just want to relax and let the kids get wet -You can walk past the fastpass distrubution for WOC, down a ramp (you won’t find it unless you know it is there), where they have an observation area right where the rafts come down from the ride. There is shade (for you) and a “wet zone” for the kids. My boys love waiting for the rafts and guessing how wet they’ll get from each other.
  6. You want to buy your child a balloon, but you’re afraid it will fly away or pop? No problem. If that happens, just tell a cast member selling the balloons, and they will give you another one for free!
  7. Dinner: Napa Rose is a 5 star restaurant in The Grand California Hotel (connected to California Adventure). Some of the best food I’ve ever had (try the mushroom cappuccino bisque). At just a regular trip to Disney I don’t want to spend $200-300 on dinner. BUT…relax and eat in their lounge and ask for a kid’s meal. They are good portions and the food is the same caliber as their 5-star menu. The servers are great, just ask if you can order off the kids menu and they will always say yes (one of my favorite servers there was the one who taught me to do this and told me this is what she eats regularly). The price of each entree is between $8-$14 and you won’t get those prices or that quality in the park!
  8. Disneyland Fireworks:Don’t sweat parking out in front of the castle on the ground for hours (yuck)…Go to the Plaza Inn at Disneyland (Get there 15-30 minutes early to find a good seat). You don’t have to buy food to sit there, but you can if you want to!

And here is my list of in-park food that isn’t horrible:

Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland

Royal Street Veranda in New Orleans Square (Clam Chowder and Gumbo, only)

Sit-down: Cafe Orleans

And that concludes my list!

Morning Surprises

The past week I have woken up to the most random scenes:

I woke up to a bank robber

Luckily the suspect was apprehended by the owner of the stolen night-cap/disguise.

The next morning I woke up to this.....

I am happy to announce Aram's face went back to normal after removing the underwearhat. Samuel clearly wears it better.

Which leads up to this morning. I woke up to Samuel locked in his room…except Samuel’s door doesn’t have a lock.

The hinges are in the inside of the door, but we removed the know with no luck.

The maintenance staff came up with no luck and had to drill a hole in the door to get in.

Poor Samuel darted to the bathroom as soon as he was released.

Samuel's door post-rescue

Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Shopping With My Kids

I think the rest of last week’s vacation may have gotten the better of me.

I almost always go to the grocery store alone, or Brian goes for us.

I decided after the park (and before lunch and nap) that I could brave the small Whole Foods in Beverly Hills without a basket, stroller, or apparently my mind.

We somehow made it out intact, but I’ve come to the conclusion there are many things I would prefer doing.

So, here are some things I would rather be doing than grocery shopping with young children:

I’m a sucker for a good humiliation story.

One more time for the cheap seats in the back!

It happened long ago (circa 2005) and I thought I’d share.

Brian and I went to PF Changs for dinner and I thought I was breaking out in hives from something I ate there (turns our I am allergic to J&J’s baby lotion.) Anyway, there were little bumps on my forearms and I started to freak out. We called my mom and Brian’s brother to ask what to do (he’s a doctor and my mom is- well, my mom)- they both said to go get cortisone cream.

So, off to Walgreens we went. By this point panic had set in and I wanted to get that cream on me ASAP.

I jumped out of Brian’s corvette (remember that car?) as soon as it pulled into the parking space. I frantically ran to the first sales clerk and yelled “where is the cortisone cream!!!????” He looked at my frantic face and immediately yelled back, “aisle 8!”

I ran to aisle 8 and in big letters I saw CORTISONE. I didn’t  feel like wasting time so I pulled it out of the tube and started rubbing it on my arms. The placebo effect was setting in and I immediately felt better.

I strolled up to the open register and set the empty box in front of the sales clerk. Here is our conversation (which at the time I thought was weird):

Her: (peaks in box to see nothing is in there and looks confused)

Me: “oh, don’t worry I put it in my purse. I put it on in the store- I had a bad reaction to something I ate and broke out in a rash.”

Her: “you put it on in the store?” horrified look

Me: now questioning my judgment and getting a little irritated at her – “yes, I did- I had a bad reaction to something I ate and I was breaking out. I got really nervous and just opened the tube and put it on in the aisle- geez I hope that’s okay”

Her: “um, I guess so…..”

I went back to the car and threw the box down on the seat. Brian looked down at it and also had a confused look on his face.

Brian: “why did you buy that?”

Me: “Your brother told me to get it!” (duh!)

Brian: “he told you to buy ANAL itch cream?!”

Me: (grabs the box and looks horrified at the conversation I just had with the sales clerk) “OMG!”

So, that is my story. If you can top it (I pray that you can) I would love to hear your story……..

What Language Are Your Kids Speaking?

Samuel and Aram speak a language in-between Sidamo and English.

This is the result of Aram wanting to speak Samuel’s language and mishearing it. And Samuel trying to learn English and copying Aram (hah)…

Here are some of their half-english words:

Waterlow- water


noodles- ovals (I don’t get this one)

Tumeric- hitting (Tuma means hit in Sidamo)

Aram also has picked up a strong Ethiopian accent. If you are familiar with the accent you know that “r” sounds have a bit of a rolling “L” sound to it.

For example: Aram will say, “It’s over therl” (it’s over there is what he means)

People will ask me where Aram is from. When I say he is my biological child they will say, “oh I thought he had an accent, too.” He does…

So I’m assuming either people think Aram has a speech impediment or he is from a distant land 😉

Poor Samuel is never going to speak English fluently at this rate!

Samuel- Dancing King

We were in Disneyland on Monday and they have a Phineas and Ferb “dance party” at California Adventure.

It is so cute. They won’t let you in unless you can dance.

Samuel was DYING to get in there and dance.

He is in the light colored bucket hat and blue shirt…. In the center of the video behind Phineas…or Ferb? (eh, the one with the green hair)…

Randomness of the Day-Bells Palsy

My friend T. and I were talking one night and the next morning I got a message from him:

T: So, I woke up with something called Bells Palsy, it’s not as bad as it sounds

Me: Is your face paralyzed!?

T: Part of it

Me: Are you sure you didn’t have a stroke?

T: Yeah, I’m sure. George Clooney also had it. (random, right?)

Brian: Can he not talk?

T: I can talk it’s just hard to move my mouth on one side. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Google Bells Palsy you’ll see.

Me: (Googled Bells Palsy and this is the first image that came up)

Me: umm…googling it didn’t really help your point….


So, heavy stress can cause Bells Palsy (an inflamed nerve) and it should go away on it’s own.

T recently went through law school and just took the bar. That must be a lot of stress.

Now he needs to go to job interviews in his condition, which may actually help him stand out from the crowd 😉 haha but definitely pray that he heals quickly.

Apparently all the cool kids with Bells Palsy make a youtube video. So here is T’s.

After seeing it, it really isn’t as bad as it sounded…..

here is to a speedy recovery!