AT the Anomaly

Some of you may know that AT has a very rare benign eye condition called sectoral heterochromia. Brian noticed it first in the NICU.

Basically it means the one eye has a section (generally a perfect slice) that is a completely different color. It is rarer than having two completely different eye colors (called just heterochromia.)

We took him to the first Ophthalmologist  that said it was probably an iris nevus (eye freckle) but he has never seen one like it. He decided to be safe and send us to a specialist. I was freaking out it was an eye cancer or something horrible.

The specialist said that it wasn’t even an iris nevus (which is also benign, but potentially could turn into melanoma)- it was just a bizarre placement of his natural eye pigment. Not only did he have sectoral heterochromia, but also central heterochromia. It looks like the star-burst center of his right eye is a few shades darker than his right. From 11:00- 3:00 the star-burst extends all the way to the very tip of the iris.

It seems like this condition is in people of Scandinavian heritage, two recessive genes are needed, and it is documented in the almost all royal families (Scandinavian or not) starting prior to the birth of Christ-( I’m guessing the royalty connection is from inbreeding)-ew.

There are some really awful diseases that can cause it, too (generally the section is lighter than the natural eye.)  Luckily, that is not the case for AT.

Famous people you may know of with sectoral heterochromia:

My little man's beautiful eyes