Thank You Jesus (and officer pilgrim)!

We were told that immigration approval can take up to 90 days (and isn’t that our luck lately?)

We had so much commotion with our lost I600A I have been speaking with officer Pilgrim in the Los Angeles USCIS office almost every day for the last couple of weeks. She has been more than helpful.

I was praying we would be able to get our immigration approval in less than two weeks (even in states that move quickly it averages about four)- this was a long shot…

I spoke with officer Pilgrim a couple of days after we had done our fingerprinting and she said she received clearance. Our immigration approval was in the mail! That means that (God willing) it does not get lost in the mail to us or WACAP we will be approved this week! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

I also found out I am not the only one who loves this orphan officer. Here are some other statements people have made about her:

We needed updated fingerprints for i171h –just the prints, the free ones –I sent in the paper to request but hadn’t heard anything for two weeks and was getting a little nervous because my son is returning to college on 9/20 and would be out of the area. I called and spoke the orphan officer, Cynthia Pilgram, and wow!!! she was so helpful. She took my number and said she’d look through and find ours and call me the next day. Lo and behold, my phone rang at 10am the next day with her saying form was completed and would be mailed out that day. I requested a fax, no problem, in hand 5 mins later!!!

Can you believe it?

If anyone else needs assistance, her number is: (213) 830-5122 and their fax is: (213) 830-8070

We had a similar experience with Officer Pilgram.  The LA USCIS office is great!


Cynthia Pilgrim is very very nice and seem thorough.  I hope she is able to get our approval done quickly.  Does anyone know if she’s new?

More good news- we may be waiting a very short amount of time for a referral.

WACAP sent out their newsletter saying that people requesting older children have been waiting less than a month for a referral! This could be us! YAY!


Well, it has been recovered once again.

This time it was lost in the building it was supposed to be at. It was in the building for two weeks before someone noticed!

Finally, the head of the orphans unit went and looked in the filing room herself until she found it!

We should be getting our fingerprinting done this week!…that is if it doesn’t get lost coming to us. I’m going to stay optimistic about it. 🙂

Ethiopia Two Trip Rule

Rumors are flying again!

Three agencies said that there was an all-day meeting today in Ethiopia.

They are now saying that BOTH parents must appear in court and then take a second trip to pick-up their child. This starts May 9th.

I’ve also heard that they will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis (hopefully that will be me!)

Of course, our cool, calm, and collected agency has mentioned nothing. I don’t think they’ll say anything until they know for sure.

Also, I called up immigration today with no luck of them having my paperwork. It is still stuck at some random office in East LA.