Brian and I took a weekend vacation to Carmel!

A big part of my childhood was spent there, so I love going back.

Carmel Then:

Carmel Now:


We do encounter one problem. The men in my family (and the ones we marry) tend to be abnormally tall, and the houses in Carmel are built for abnormally small people.

Eating is one of my favorite things to do. And some of the best restaurants are in town.

We met my best friend from Carmel, Heather, and her husband, Adam, at the Flying Fish for dinner. This is my all-time favorite restaurant.

The best abalone!

After dinner we went to a drive bar in downtown Carmel (didn’t know one existed there!)…complete with a WII, disco ball, and boom box as the “sound system”….

Living it up at Ody's Tavern

The next morning we went to the Tuck Box for scones. Brian was very reluctant to go here when we first came to Camel together years ago. We’re both not scone people and a feminine tea house is the last place he wants to hang out….but there is a reason it is huge tourist attraction. The scones are really good, and the atmosphere is very Alice in Wonderland. Now we always make sure to go at least once.

For dinner we went into Pacific Grove to Peppers! They have the best tamales I’ve ever had (half of the time they aren’t available…). And great margaritas…..


Other places worth eating:

Marinus at Bernardus Lodge.

The Little Chicken House!  (My favorite!)

Little Napoli

Mission Ranch

Fun Facts about Carmel:

  • High-heeled shoes are outlawed (the law used to be enforced long ago..)
  • The city of Carmel-by-the-Sea does not have numbed addresses. You must name your house. Some of the names: Hansel and Gretel, Periwinkle, Sea Urchin…. There is no mail delivered (post office only), but if you wanted to order a pizza you would give the address as the name of your house.
  • There are no parking meters
  • Father Junípero Serra (the first President and founder of the early Missions) is buried there



Ali’i Kula Lavender

When we were in Maui we did something I’ve been wanting to do for years.

We went to the Ali’i Kula Lavender farm.

It was beautiful! You could see both sides of the island from their deck.

We had warm lavender scones and hot lavender tea.

Then we went on a walk around the grounds where they have almost every type of lavender you can imagine!

Tips if you find yourself in Maui and plan on heading up to the farm:

1. The salad dressing is delicious.

2. Go to “Grandmas” for lunch

3. Do not try the lavender coffee!!!!!!


This past month has been a whirlwind.

So, none of these posts will be in chronological order.

First, let’s talk about Hawaii!

Brian and I had our very first kid-free vacation since having Aram!

We missed them, but boy was it nice!

We decided to check out a luau and it was fun- they really need to work on their food, though. I hate to sound so bitter, but the woman that booked it for us told us to make sure we had empty stomachs because it is a lot of food :-/ ……We decided to do the Westin Luau because they serve you (buffets with that many strangers scares me) and it wasn’t the most expensive. If I would have known how bad the food was I would have spent the extra $15 to try the one that is known for their food (Feast at Lele)…..

Brian at the Luau

Leaving the Luau

I have somehow developed an intense fear of flying in the past couple of years. Leaving the kids made it 10 times worse. So, after we successfully made it to Maui I was getting a little more relaxed about the whole idea. Then I turn on the TV and start unpacking and the President comes on and says they have killed Osama Bin Laden and to be prepared for retaliation. Great, now the flight back is going to be even more fun…….. Strangely enough, Maui came out with these shirts it seemed like a few hours later!…:

Our room was beautiful, and I snorkeled for the first time. After having a panic attack the first ten minutes, it ended up being really fun.

Brian (right) and his friend from work (left) that we travelled with.

The Maui Onion Festival was going on- and it ended up being a highlight of the trip. Great food, beer, and entertainment. Plus, this couple below……I tried to get Brian to do matching Hawaiian print with me, but I was denied:

After we spent a considerable amount of time at the Maui Brewing Company beer garden- Brian decided to jump off of Black Rock: